Content on an ecommerce site’s product detail pages, category pages, and blog can attract visitors and lead to sales and profit. For many commerce businesses — omnichannel retailers, ecommerce-only merchants, wholesalers — attracting a steady flow of site visitors from organic search results is vital for success. But achieving high rankings in those results requires
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has modified rules that affect how companies can raise capital via direct listings and equity crowdfunding. Direct Listings Previously, in a direct listing, a company could sell existing shares (from employees and private investors) on public stock exchanges. Unlike initial public offerings (IPOs), which sell newly-issued shares, no new
High-end products, high volume, and quality customer service are among the reasons for considering shipping insurance for ecommerce. Shipping insurance can protect businesses from costs associated with damaged, stolen, and lost packages sent via major carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service. Those carriers and others offer various forms of indemnification. But
Google stated in November that Core Web Vitals would become a ranking signal in May 2021. When Google announces such a change, heed the warning. The sooner you prepare, the better the chance of preserving or improving your organic search traffic. Core Web Vitals, which focus on site speed, is Google’s attempt at rounding out
As businesses move their sensitive data to the cloud, security becomes an increasing concern. However, many cloud storage platforms now offer sophisticated encryption features for minimal cost. Here is a list of secure cloud storage platforms. All of these offer encryption and additional security features to prevent breaches and foil ransomware. Several offer free plans.
All of us here mourn the death last month of Hamlet Batista, our friend and contributor. Hamlet first appeared in Practical Ecommerce in an interview. A mutual acquaintance, an SEO practitioner, had suggested that we publish his views. “He’s really smart,” the acquaintance told me. “He’s applying for a genius visa.” “Too Much SEO Can
From site launches to software integration to performance enhancements, managing an ecommerce technology stack is complicated. Many companies could use help. “As the marketplace for ecommerce [software] starts to broaden and becomes more complex, adding platforms and apps [can be] really hard, especially for small and medium-sized companies,” said Mark Wexler, a founder and partner
Patrick Coddou’s company,, sells razors and shaving accessories. My company, Beardbrand, sells beard products. He wants men to shave. I want them to grow a beard. We’re both direct-to-consumer ecommerce merchants selling premium grooming items to males. We’re competitors, in other words. But we’re also friends. I interviewed Coddou in August 2020 for an
You might have seen that everybody imaginable is speaking about Bitcoin following its speedy increase to $30,000. Yet much less individuals are speaking about GPU mining. Possibly since the concept of activating your computer system and also having it amazingly create a revenue really feels evasive to you. And also perhaps since GPU mining as
Best WordPress e-commerce plugins With the current state of the world locking us all in our homes, we are increasingly turning to the internet (as if we weren’t spending too much time on it already!), and if Jeff Bezos can increase his wealth by more than $185bn in 2020 by selling us stuff, why shouldn’t
WordPress is currently powering 39.5% of all sites in 2021, up from powering 35% of websites in 2020. Counting just websites that utilize a material administration system (CMS), WordPress has a market share of 64.1%. A considerable variety of internet sites (38.3%) make use of no material administration system in any way. This information is
Credit cards can be a fantastic device for boosting your funds. Recognizing exactly how to select a bank card will certainly establish you up for economic success for many years to find. Tabulation:4 guidelines for selecting a bank card: With all the cards around, exactly how do we choose the ideal one? We advise 4