STI Index Chart 2019 Update

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It has been a few months since I last updated on STI Index performance. If you recall, my previous comment for 2018 STI trending was a gloomy one. At that time, the market was getting flat. Things are also not getting any rosy now after a year. In fact, if you refer to the below STI Index Chart 2019, it is not difficult to see that it is entering into a descending triangle .

What will you do if there is a break trough for the below support line?

Opportunists may take this chance to short the market while value investors will wait for a serious market correction to pick up the gems.

By combing through the macro environment, we have a few major concerns here to recap.

1. Trade war between US and China is still dangling.

2. Concrete agreement between North Korea and US is still yet to be seen.

3. This Oct month is crucial to assess if BREXIT by UK without deal is going to implicate Euro, UK and to the rest of the global market.

4. And now, we have a newly added risk from Hong Kong where the citizens protest against their local government for a 2019 extradition bill.

Again, if you are dollar averaging down to invest in STI ETF on a regular basis, all the above and what STI Index Chart 2019 shows to you may be a less of a concern to you. For me, i am ok to wait for any deep correction.

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