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You would have probably heard when a majority of technical traders predicted wrong but options traders would have made a very small fortune. Without, options trading, you’ll not have a trade adjustment opportunity or even trade correction opportunity. Need I say more?

Don’t get us wrong we are not talking about averaging your trades. Once you start averaging your trades and you’ll end up losing your entire capital guaranteed. 

Well my friend, your turn to lose money all the time is over.

After you read this post, there would be no reason you can’t turn a losing streak into no profit or profitable. We are not going to give you a very complex option strategies but it is possible with simple options strategies as mentioned below.

  1. Trade Adjustment
  2. Greek Management

With Trade Adjustment and Options Greek Management literally one can manage their entire option strategy more effectively without being worried of predicting wrong. Predictions are meant to go wrong all the time but we cannot afford the trades to go wrong.


Trade adjustment gives you an opportunity to make small changes in the options adjustment strategy so that you can reduce the risk of your options strategy at the same time change the direction of your predictions. Based on the option strategy you have chosen the adjustment varies for each trade. Hence different options trading strategy and their particular trade adjustment would be posted on this blog.


The sensitivity of the option’s prices to quantifiable factors of the derivative is termed as ‘Greeks’. Greeks often refer to Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega & Rho. These describe risk associated with various positions and how to manage them effectively. Greeks guides to manage the risk and take an informed decision.

You are right the name of the website is also kept from two basic and the most important greeks.

Comment on the Hardest Greek to Understand…

Add your comments below which greek is really tough to understand or any trade which you find tough to adjust. Or any other experience you have had with options trading.

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